TSU Men's Basketball - 2017 OVC Media Day
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
TSU Men's Basketball - 2017 OVC Media Day


Tennessee State Men's Basketball Head Coach Dana Ford at the 2017 Ohio Valley Conference Basketball Media Day in Evansville, Ind. 

“It was a great day today. A lot of media coverage, like always. Exciting - it means basketball season is here, and it’s interesting to see where everyone’s picked, especially by the coaches, who probably know a little bit more than, I would say, the media because they follow the recruiting a little bit closer and they also know what type of players people have sitting out and things of that nature. It was a fun day.”

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“Beautiful facility - the Ford Center here in Evansville. Looking forward to coming up here and playing the conference tournament. It has a real big-time basketball feel to it. Basketball town, basketball state. It’s a little bit of a travel for us, but hopefully we make it and our fans come.”'

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“It’s still really early with the team. We’re just trying to find some consistency right now with leadership - number one. Some discipline, some toughness. I think they really enjoy playing with one another. I think they’re a tight-knit group. Like everyone else this time of year, we’re not doing things as well as we need to in order to beat the teams we’ll need to beat in order to accomplish what we want to accomplish. We’ve got a long road ahead of us, but it’s a road that I’m glad to be on with the type of kids that we have.”

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